March 28th, 2009


Will it ever end?

Well, I feel like I've slept my entire week away, but it seems to have worked. I'm feeling *better* but not 100%. The fatigue is still there, and that's normal. I don't have a fever, no more aches and very very little nausea. I've got one more day to get better before I work again, but it still hurts that I missed an entire week of work. I need the money.

Or ... do I? No, I do. I really do. But, I did get a nice fat wad of cash thanks to the Federal Government. I did my taxes. All online, and all in about 15 minutes. I'm so glad my dad showed me how to do my own taxes. Granted, I have 1 job, I'm single, I have no dependents and I don't own a home, so of course it's simple. is kick ass. I'll always use it. Since my dad always bought the Deluxe version to do the family's taxes, I never had to buy the program. This time, I went all online and gods, what a brilliant thing that is. Direct Deposit, e-filing, and error checking? You can't beat it.

Oy, I sound like an advert for them. No, but seriously. If you have to do your own taxes, use TurboTax. It's so easy, even a caveman can do it!

Since I've had nothing better to do than sit on my arse with my computer in my lap, I took the time to figure out my summer expenses. This one is going to be a doozy, which is good that I actually found some amazing tax breaks and hidden money in this return. It actually makes me worry a little bit, but TurboTax found no errors! I even think claiming my unreimbursed hospital bills was a good call, because that helped quite a bit actually.

I *will* be going to Azkatraz, as long as we can get 4 or preferably more people in the room and I don't spend over $250 on a plane ticket. Boys, I'm assuming you're included in our room? And I've even figured out what I'll be doing costume wise. I'm going with all new outfits, 4 brand new outfits for myself and a few for others. Oh I better get hopping ...

Oh snap, I still have to worry about ACen! Aah, I'm not worried. Whoa, wait, I'm not? So maybe I am, just a tad. But not enough to start pulling my hair or have duct tape dreams.

I'll worry about Dragon*Con after Azkatraz.
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