March 19th, 2009


(no subject)

Wah, it's been a week! A week since you last heard from me. Not that any of you probably care ...

I've been productive. Super productive. Meaning I've made at least 1 craft/sewing project since I last posted. I made a necklace, a few rings, a bracelet, a handful of purses, some wire charms, and a few steampunk thrift store valance skirts! Woo! I even made a neat pencil skirt with a lace ruffle on the bottom. I'm now almost certain I'll have a brand new 'Cissa outfit for my next HP excursion.

I've got plans to finish a really cute retro 50's dress commission, make a few more purses, some tiny kitty plushies, more wire ribbon and bead jewelery, felt needle holder/coin purses, a few articles of clothing, some felt and ribbon bracelets, some random Harry Potter things, and learn rubber stamp embossing, metal stamping, mold making and plaster casting, and snake wrangling.

Yes, I'm going to be selling this crap stuff. You'd be silly not to want something.