March 2nd, 2009


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Ha! Who needs a pattern when you've got a finished hakama in hand? Yes, that's right. I've made hakama. Light blue ones. Out of left over Cissa satin, lol. It's amazing what you can do when you find enough fabric to make a whole outfit. It makes me feel better in these gentle times. It's gonna be my 'last resort' ACen project, if I can't finish Irvine in time. I found a piece of fan art of Irvine that's more complicated and way cooler, and I'd like to make that but I doubt I'll have the time and the finances to make it. And now Dana, Misa and I have an artist ally table for ACen and we have to start making shit to sell :/

I finally hit up my favorite thrift store and came away with something I've been wanting for a long time now. A very decent pair of victorian style granny boots with the buttons up the sides. They're my new Cissa shoes, without a doubt. And my new pirate girl boots, and my new everything boots. They're nicely worn in, too. I'm so happy!