February 11th, 2009


(no subject)

I thought it'd been a lot longer than that since I last posted here, but it feels like I've been really really busy. I'm not really that busy, I'm just ... asleep. Yes, I sleep a lot. At least I try to. When I work at night (for the most part) and I have to wake up early to take someone to work, I come home and fall back asleep. I wake up again with maybe an hour to 2 hours to spare before I have to go get mom back from work and then I head to work myself. It's a vicious cycle, but it seems like all I ever do is sleep and drive. It's nice knowing that I'm getting more hours at work. I'm just really looking forward to my first vacay. Port Washington is a do-able thing this year, considering I'll probably not be driving and it's a free festival. I actually hope it rains again, because that was kinda fun playing in the rain. And it seems that pirate fests always have to be rained on. This time, though, I'll probably be dressing as a lady pirate. I know, shocker right?