January 20th, 2009


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I reorganized my sewing room (again) and it's almost livable now (for when my lady-wife possibly comes to visit in the summer!). I've also done away with probably close to 20 pounds of fabric scraps that I was keeping for no particular reason. I need to take a photo of it, it's so gorgeous.

While I was moving my monumental pile of fabric, one of the bins broke. It's about time. You should see the bend in the rest of them! Plastic does not hold up well against a dangerous fabric obsession, let me tell you.

Went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, first movie I've seen in 2009. Fantastic tear jerker, loved it. Except for all the death. Since Benjamin lived in a N'Awlin's nursing home, there were a lot of deaths. Like, Deathly Hallows proportion deaths. Ok, exaggerating a bit but ... it felt like it. And not tragic deaths, but old people deaths. And the lightning guy had me rolling.

Plans are to perhaps work on that skirt, make a purse, or get something sewing-wise done now that everything is neat and clean. Ironic, I know.
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