December 24th, 2008


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Oh man, I think I'm falling victim to shopping at the 'Store Closing' stores. I just spent $75 on beaded, embellished, brocade valances and drapes for bustles. I saved $280, because they were all 80% off! Oh I can't wait to start fiddling with them *squee*

More progress was made on my new Crystal Ball project. Everything is cut out, now the easy part should be all that sewing. 2 hours and I'll be done *crosses fingers*.

I also got some good suggestions on a new phone while at Wolf. I might be heading back to a Samsung just out of need for new technology. I want a touch screen, but not the Blackberry Storm, the G1, or the iPhone. I was thinking perhaps a Sidekick. It'll be a Christmas gift to myself.

Christmas Eve last minute shopping in crazy weather,not cool. All before having to head to work at 1 pm, even sneaking a shower in there, and I even had enough time to enjoy some much desired honey buffalo wings. Crazy. At one point the weather was so strange it looked like feathers were falling from the sky. Like someone opened a giant pillow and started having a pillow fight with the Earth. It was really cool, although it was gross and slushy and slightly dangerous. At least it's done snowing and my Aunt and Uncle can make it into Chicago alright.