December 20th, 2008


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Stolen from my hubby alabastard

So, say you were meeting a new person, a new friend. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words.

Instead, you have to give them a box, with 15 things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever. What would you put in the box?

In my box you would find:
15. My Whirlwood wand
14. The Prisoner of Azkaban movie
13. The Jurassic Park soundtrack/book/VHS tape
12. My Dumbledore beard
11. beads, either mari gras beads or just random jewelery beads
10. a sewing kit
9. my Prince Caspian action figure
8. the plane ticket stub/convention badge from Nimbus
7. one of my Omega 2D HP doujinshi's
6. a pack of cigarettes
5. an empty bottle of rum
4. chocolate
3. the Back to the Future trilogy DVD
2. a still digital camera
1. a pair of my jrock shoes

Thank you to dixiebell12, in_motu_proprio, and alabastard & alabastardragon for my Christmas cards!

Tomorrow is the last day I have to do ANYTHING before Christmas. I still need to go pick up my cards from Wolf, I still have a few more presents to make, and The Crystal Ball to worry about. I hope to every God out there that it doesn't snow that weekend, that we won't be stuck in snowy highways there or back from Ohio.

Last night was my mom's company Christmas party. I went so that she could enjoy herself, and she said she did, but I could tell she was still sad. Particularly when the slow songs came on. They had a raffle for lots of prizes under a Christmas tree and I was picked, surprisingly. I picked out a bag that felt like it had nothing in it. But little did I know that when I opened my bag, I got a pair of very nice diamond earrings. Fake, no doubt, but very nice. It was a nice surprise.

Tomorrow is a shopping day for mom and I. I hope the malls won't drive me bad shit crazy. It's probably the absolute worst time to go, but I've got NO choice.