December 15th, 2008


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Hokay, so ... yeah, I forgot about that thing called Christmas coming up in like, a week. I'm trying to get things done, find things I made ages ago when I thought I was being on top of things. Got 3 people knocked off my list, only 2 more things to make. Yeah, I'm being cheap this year. But I splurged on Christmas cards, and everyone I know is getting one. A few friends are getting Christmas presents in January, because I'm still oh so indecisive about what to make them.

I realized why I have a fabric obsession. I think part of it has to do with my organization of it all. Most of what I have is buried beneath newer stuff, so I forget I already have fabrics and just buy more instead of search for it. I need more shelves, I need more containers, I need another costume rack, I need more wig forms.

I need to stop spending money! Goddamnit, I hate Christmas. I feel obligated to BUY crap I don't NEED.
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