December 12th, 2008


anti-Twilight rant

So, I'm watching Tyra and she's got Pattenson the stoner and the other kid from that movie. The crowd goes wild, as usual, deafening Tyra's ears. Robert is SO fucking blitzed, it's histerical. He's playing with a Team Edward thong, wrapping it around his hand and petting the crotch. And now, Tyra's brought the girls that got RUN OVER in San Francisco to meet the two personally. AND possibly win the car that Rob drove in the film. WTF. Look, look what happens when you get mauled by a group of fucking ridiculous, fanatical, hysterical bitches. At least HP fans have the sense to not trample each other. It's this whole overreaction of teenagers that makes me wonder. I was NEVER that hyper as a teenager (at least from what I can tell ... ).

But all the crap about this film, these books, all the hype. It's driving me nuts. It's just wrong. I'm so infuriated with this frenzy of fans. I guess some would argue that I'm just as obsessed with HP as some of these girls are for vampires, but it's so much worse than that.

And the three girls just met the two of them and are like, almost MAKING OUT with Robert. He's so sleezy, it's histerical. They had to mash their faces in pies to pick out bats from inside the pies to win the car, and I just LOVE that those pretty teenagers had to go and get themselves dirty in front of their fanatical celebrities.

God, it's just driving me nuts. I hate Twilight, I'll never read it, I'll never stoop to that level, I'll never watch it. I refuse to. When someone takes an idea that's so unoriginal and make millions off it, it makes me sick. Yes, Twilight is unoriginal. It's about vampires. It's about a typical Mary Sue relationship with a vampire. It's The Hills with vampires. It's a Vampire: The Masquerade crappy storyline made into a book. Harry Potter has elements of other stories, mythologies, legends, but it's so much more original. Twilight, pffft.

Backlash will not be tolerated. Sorry to those on my FList that are one of the crazy bitches.

Don't even get me started about Twilight bumping HBP out of this year and into next. All this crap makes it 10 times worse.
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