December 11th, 2008



Hells yeah, way to go Museum of Science and Industry! We scored the global opening of the Harry Potter Exhibit. SUCK IT, WORLD! Chicago OWNS! Firstly, we got Barak. Now, we beat out all of the other museums in the WORLD to host this exhibition first ... that I'd been waiting for ... for MONTHS. Oh I am so giddy with excitement over this. I missed the Star Wars Exhibit this summer, but they're saying that this exhibit will be far bigger, better, and more bad ass.

It opens in April, I so cannot wait.

I did something to my knee when I was getting out of the car yesterday. Twisted it or something. I had a horrible time sleeping last night, ever little shift woke me up and sent pain up my leg. I couldn't get comfortable. I've got an Ace on it now, but I still have to go to work. I'll pop a few aleeve and hope the swelling goes down. This ought to be fun.

Fixed the armpit hole in my Snape coat. Found that little mishap when Lisa and I were getting ready for the Beetle thing. I'm going to see if I can borrow a serger from a co worker and actually finish the inside of it a little more. I also think I need to take it in. It almost doesn't look right, not being tight on my arms. Man, never thought I'd say that.

Finally watched The Dark Knight. I have plans to see it in Jan when it returns to theaters. I wish I'd been able to see it the first go, but I had a few other things on my mind. Now I see why every Hot Topic kid went ape shit for The Joker. It really was an outstanding performance and could see why the lambs all fell for the lion. I can see an Oscar worthy performance, but the Academy will NEVER do it. It's too 'weird' for them.

Ho shit, I have Christmas presents to make.
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