December 5th, 2008


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On the twelfth day of Christmas, kozibot sent to me...
Twelve scrubs drumming
Eleven conventions piping
Ten cats a-leaping
Nine mythbusters dancing
Eight wigs a-milking
Seven cigarettes a-sewing
Six pirates a-costuming
Five de-e-e-eath eaters
Four star wars
Three deathly hallows
Two joann fabrics
...and a bankai in a serenity.
Get your own Twelve Days:

XD Oh gad, this made me laugh until I dry coughed. I hope I'm not getting sick :/

Hey brewingtrouble, I was at Border's the other day and happened to browse through 'Harry, A History' and saw your Snape in the photo section, with the Slytherin tie on your head. Classy.

Well, I got tickets to the Yule Ball this Saturday in Oak Park. I'm thinking of default Snape, but I could almost got for Boggart Snape or Lupin. Dumbledore needs to go on hiatus until I can make a better beard. And I don't feel like Harry. I suppose Cissa would be nice and winter-y, but I wouldn't have My Hubby :(

Countdown to Crystal Ball, and I'm freaking. Seriously freaking. I may just say 'done' to the wig and start the sewing already. I still have armor to make, a cloak to worry about, a vest, shirt, pants, and mask to make. I'm in way over my head -_-;
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