November 23rd, 2008


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The party was a success! 3 hours of charades, lots of good laughs and happy times, including a bit of dress up where many people raided my costume closet for something to wear or a wig to don. It was pretty awesome. Took us a good 20 minutes to open the bottle of wine, but once we did it was all fun and games from there on out. Pics are here on my facebook.

I finally updated my mood theme, getting a loverly Captain Mal one instead of the emo FF7:AC one. Yay for Captain Tightpants!

I just realized how close it is to the end of November and how I really only have a month and a half, tops, to make my Crystal Ball costume. Motivation needs to strike right about now! Maybe tomorrow I can get busy on the crown and wig styling. Then perhaps I can get to figuring out how I want my 'organic' armor to look. Then it's just sewing, which everyone should know by now that I'm best at when under pressure.
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