November 19th, 2008


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Last night, I came home from work to see my mom had a finger splint on her thumb. She spoke to the ER doc at work about the pain she'd been having in that finger for about 2 months. She'd jammed it on a door and thought she just sorta hurt it, but the doc said that she tore a ligament. He said to wear the splint for a week, but it'll probably do no good now. She's going to need to have surgery and have a wire put in it. Then in 2 weeks she'll get it taken out. That was quite a shock to me, and her as well. Not something she needed, needless to say.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas looks like a wholly depressing, Schindler's List sort of film. But I want to see it, mainly because my boy Remus looks HOT in a Nazi uniform ... yeah, so I got a thing for a man in uniform. I don't care if it's a Nazi uniform. I do want to see it, though. Just gotta remember to bring a box of tissues.

Party countdown: T-Minus 2 days, 8 hours! And I still have wizard bags to make. But luckily that's the last thing. I ... think.

Edit: I just registered for Dragon*Con. Boo to bills, yay to convention registrations!