November 16th, 2008


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I hate money. I hate lawyers. All of my father's hard work, hard earned money is trickling through our fingers like sand and we are utterly helpless to stop it. Even in his sickest moments, that man was working to get everything squared away for us, and now it's all appearing to be for NOTHING. Policies coming back with not even half of what we were expecting, policies that don't exist any more, policies that didn't go into effect until his 65th birthday, which he missed by a month. We are getting the shit end of the stick over and over again. Not a single lick of good news has come about since his death. In 2 days, it will be 8 weeks since he passed.

When life deals you lemons, it seems like there's always someone breaking it open and squirting the juice into your open wounds.

I'm tired of life in general. Can't things go back to when I was 5 and the most important thing to do during the day was figure out which playground to go to?