November 13th, 2008


New Years Resolution Rant? Whaa?

Dumbledore is looking a little more Gandalf-ish lately. Although it's hard to get away from the 'wise old wizard' look without appearing like that.

Party prep is going well, I've just about gotten the room set up. A week early, you ask? Yeah, I'm just a little excited about this. I almost want to keep the room like this well after the party. I've got everything very nearly perfect, I just have to finish a few pillows and make a few magic pouches.

I'm watching Bourdain in Las Vegas and it makes me miss Lumos greatly. It was and is still to this day my favorite of the Potter cons. It was the first time I met My Boys, even if I was shy about it. I enjoyed the location, the hotel's outstanding accommodations, and the sense of utmost enjoyment for everyone. I'm looking forward to my travel plans next year, starting earlier than I ever have. A road trip and and least 2 plane trips are in the plans for me and my 'con' season is starting barely a week into the new year. A new year, a fresh slate scrubbed, disinfected, bleached twice and sanitized like the best OCD'er can manage.

I've got at least 6 costumes planned, and about 4 I'd planned on making this year which may be pushed for con season next year due to circumstances beyond my control. It is truly going to be my most ambitious year to date, having it in me to start working out of my comfort zone in terms of costuming. Corsets, more original designs, more props and leather work are a few of the things I want to work on.

Well, that turned into a little bit of a rant. That's what this blog seems to be very good at. Rants.