November 3rd, 2008


Sewing rant

Good news on the car front. My co worker Robyn's boyfriend came into the store today to say hi to her. It would appear that she, too, got into a little fender bender and he was coming to check out her car. He used to be an auto mechanic, so I figured he'd know what to do with my slightly falling off bumper. He said he'd take a look, and 20 minutes later came back to tell me it was fixed. Awesome! No mechanic bill for me! He said it was payment for letting him borrow my werewolf tail and ears for his granny big bad wolf costume for Halloween. So that was pretty neat. Matt's a great guy, he helps all the little old ladies in the store with their car problems :)

I actually found some nifty things at work today. I bought ... get this ... Christmas ornaments. Yeah, me, the Christmas Scrouge, bought ornaments. But they are *hardly* for that purpose. They are, in fact, amazing steampunk-ish accents. One looks like a metal flask, another is a gorgeous coat of arms with a stag in the middle, and the last reminded me of a potion bottle. They were all cheap and surprisingly sturdy. They were molded plastic and will go brilliantly with my steampunk girl outfit.

I've decided to take my fabric ban a little more seriously. Like ... I *really* need to stop buying fabric. I've got enough for a half a dozen costumes, at least a few bags, pirate shirts, pillows, and a quilt or two. So my saying is ... I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric until I've used some of my current stock. Most of my fabrics are a sentimental value to me. They're collected from various places

Speaking of all that fabric, I have a few commissions I need to work on, including a waistcoat for My Husband and a Quidditch outfit for My Son. I'd also like to tackle the Assasin's Creed outfit for my friend Greg, even though he wanted it for this Halloween. I'll try for ACen. I need to work on my armor making skills and the two would really help me with that. And the waistcoat, I don't need to buy anything for that! More reason to make it already.