October 11th, 2008


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Whoo, I'm tired. I just finished replacing Morton's water, because it was starting to smell bad and look really merky. And now Mort is flipping out in his new fresh water, trying his hardest to get himself stuck in a corner or climb the power cords of the heater and filter. He hissed at me when I plucked him out of the water, it was so cute.

He's still a greedy little bugger, wanting nothing but worms. But it's going to partially be my duty to not feed him when he gives me the puppy dog eye look.

I cleaned up my sewing room, put away costumes, and moved around some things. I need a new costume rack and at least 2 more storage containers. And this is AFTER I've pulled out all of my fabric and re-folded it into neat piles. Yeesh. Now that it's almost clean, I can get to some of my projects.

Thanks to cedward_c, I've been drafted into a FF8 group for ACen. Why I agreed, I have no idea. But the outfit I'm doing can be very steampunk with the right accessories. Perhaps that's why I agreed. Another reason for agreeing is if I already have a wig for it, and I do. The fabric cost me all of $50, all I need is a hat and a gun and to make the necklace and earrings. Can ya guess who I'm gonna be? I went fabric crazy yesterday for the Columbus Day sale at work. Everything I got was red tag that was half off, and the rest of the fabric was 60% off. Include my 15% employee discount and I saved a fat wad of cash there. I also picked up the fabric I'm going to use for my winter coat. It's stretchy and velvet-like, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it. But I'm gonna do it! It's a nifty dark green and black small hounds tooth fabric. I'm thinking a nice black lining will work to stop it from stretching. Or, I could interface the whole thing. Not sure what I'm gonna do just yet. Tips would be helpful, to those in the fashion industry that have worked with stretch fabrics *winknudge*