October 9th, 2008


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Alright, I know I'm a huge PotC fan, but ... how is it that I was the last one of my friends to find out about Depp signing on for a 4th one? Even the girls at work knew it. I'm sure everyone assumed I already heard about it, which is ironic that I hadn't. I've been so out of the loop on everything, the adult world really is a bitch. I don't know what to think about a 4th Pirate film. If Depp has signed on for it, chances are it'll be ok. But who knows? Will it be about the Elixir of Life, as per the final scene in PotC3? Are they beating a dead horse, milking the franchise for all it's worth? Will Disney really destroy one of the best movie trilogies ever? But most importantly, will Barbossa return and will Will and Elizabeth be out?!?! :D I call for a Barbossa/Jack pirate love story. Too bad Norry won't be back ... OR WILL HE?! That might be disastrous if he did return. His 3rd movie presence made me very very sad. He was so bad ass in Potc2.

At least now I have another excuse to wear Barbossa. And just maybe I'll wear Jack again. Or if some lady-wife would like to, she may ;) *coughstupid_drawingscough*

Mort is a little glutton for worms. The boy's gonna make me broke buying him those big worms, but I don't care. He's too cute when he basks and yawns at me and plays with his feeder fish that he should be eating. I'm thisclose to putting his picture on my cel phone wallpaper. Replacing Daniel Radcliffe. I know, it's crazy.
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