October 7th, 2008


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Mort update: With a water heater so wonderfully donated by in_motu_proprio, he's swimming about and enjoying his new home. I'm still working on his diet, but I've found out he really likes crickets and little wormy-grubs. He doesn't like shrimp and he doesn't like lettuce. He's also enjoying his decor ruins as another basking area where he can rest with his head just above the water. It's working out, he's finally looking happy.

In other news, I'm taking a gamble and had a chocolate cake shake from Portillo's. My lactose intolerance has been getting worse and worse. I have yet to try the lactaid pills, but my mom got 10 times sicker on those than without them. So I'm hesitant to try them.

I went to a bait shop today to find Mort some bigger worms, and this one family owned pet shop had a kick ass tortoise. He was probably 2 feet long and looked like a grumpy old man. It was cute.

I guess I'm all turtle talk, now. I swear I'll get back to costuming stuff. Well, speaking of fabric, I suppose, I got a present from one of my managers at work. She made me a pair of cute pj pants with pirate themed flannel. They are kick ass and fit me perfectly.

Oh! I think Mort just caught another guppy!