October 4th, 2008



Mort the red eared slider is, indeed, a male. He now has a home inside a very large, unused fabric storage container. He's got his own basking lamp, his own basking dock, a water filter and some feeder fish that he'll hopefully eat. I think he's taking to his new environment rather well, although he still doesn't get the idea that the basking dock has a ramp, and he keeps trying to climb up the wrong side and flops back into the water.

I should talk to my friend Ann about taking care of turtles. I know she had a silver dollar sized one that grew to be huge. she had a really pretty set up for him, too. Lots of vegetation and the like. Oh well, it's the best I can do in the short time I had. I think I should take him to a vet, his nails look really long. And he keeps trying to claw at the corners and all around the edge of the tank. I hope he's alright and just a little stressed from all the moving and shuffling I had to do to get him into his proper home. I mean, he spent the day first in a trash can, then in a litter box in my basement. Now he's got a great space to swim around in, I'm just hoping once he settles he'll calm down.