September 12th, 2008


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This post is going to be short, I swear.

Dad's back in the hospital. Has been there for the last 3 days. Only today did they find out he has multiple blood clots in his lungs and pneumonia. They gave him antibiotics and blood thinners straight away. But they say if his breathing doesn't improve in 24 to 48 hours, it's not good. He's not going to be given a breathing tube because there's an almost zero chance that he'll be taken off of it. He'd rather not live like a vegetable, as much as it is hard to say no to it, especially for my mother.

I'm still being optimistic, but the moment the doctor mentioned pneumonia I died a little more inside. I've known many people that've died from pneumonia while being treated for cancer, so there is still that part of me that sees this as the end.

Thank you to alabastard and alabastardragon for all their praying from halfway across the country. Thank you to in_motu_proprio for being there, and for "cedward_c for putting up with my change of plans this weekend. Thanks to everyone else for their well wishes.
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