September 4th, 2008


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Internet is being a devil tonight, so I'll make this short ... ish.

Dad's home from the hospital, his legs still can't carry him so we have to watch him and help him move, but for the most part he just remains in bed, slowly gathering his strength again. I found out today from mom that the reason he's having issues with his legs stems from the steroid use intended to help with his radiation treatment. So it's too soon to tell when he'll be getting full use of his legs back. I didn't realize that radiation would do this so long after his treatments ended, but I guess that's a whole new chapter in my medical knowledge as of late. Other than that, he's doing fine. I can't say better, because unfortunately I've had to be at work so much and not around to help mom take care of him. Good news is a nurse and a physical therapist are coming tomorrow to asses his situation again. Mom feels like they sent us home with very little home care things. We had to request a walker to bring home from the hospital, and it proved to be a very good thing, too. But he needs more than that. We're not really equipped to help him, and my mom is slowly wearing down. She hasn't slept well in about 4 days, she's getting exausted and cranky, which trickles down onto me. I try to sit her down, let her rest and relax while I take care of dad, but she doesn't LISTEN. When she's really out of energy is when she'll just let me take over for a bit, which I hope is soon.

Overall, though, I'm doing better than I was 3 days ago when this all began to go down hill. I get PAID tomorrow, which is a good thing. Unfortunately it's almost all going to bills that I just cannot put off any more. Payment plans, ahoy! I've learned my lesson about health insurance and what a dick hospitals can be, thank you very much. Now to pay them and be done with the whole ordeal.

A woman walked in the store today that had on something I want to oh so desperately duplicate. She seemed to be college age, mohawk hairstyle, shaved on the sides and bright pink. She was wearing one of those 1/4 jackets in a nice dark brown suede with black piping. I didn't get a good look at the front of her jacket because I was busy helping customers and she ran by so fast for me to stop her. It also had a nifty bat winged esk back, ribbon criss crossing the upper forearms, and neat pointed bell sleeves. That's all I could see, and I was enthralled. My mind started going berserk with another steampunk outfit, a lady outfit. Not to mention we also recieved a whole new batch of microsuede, moleskin, and velor fabrics in for fall, as well as nifty looking appliques. So my brain was going wild with ideas, of which I'm going to try and sketch a few out tonight.

I've now got something like ... 5 projects stock piled in my brain right now. I just need to find the time to sit down and start ONE of them! I think, first things first, is my Hello Kitty Halloween apron for work. Janet, Robyn and I are making somewhat matching waist aprons for the season. It'll be my first time making something to wear at work, and marks me as a true Joann dedicated employee. Janet says it's like being initiated into the bigger family, lol. Some of those ladies, Janet included, have a different apron for each season. I'm just going to stick with Halloween, thanks. If I do work on Halloween, I'll probably wear Barbossa because it was all made with fabrics, trims, and buttons bought at Joann's. WHAT a sales pitch!

With our new register system all in place, I've become the resident tech nerd to help out with all the glitches in the first 3 weeks. A register was down for 2 days, I sat on the phone for almost an hour to try and get it working again. Then the cutting counter computer was doing something weird and I fixed it without them having to call the support line, and I installed the proper device managers for the printer. And then the sign printer was acting up, to which Janet just says, "Give it to Julie, I'm sure she'll figure it out." Now, mind you I'm the youngest one out of nearly everyone currently employed there. One of the ladies had no idea what a mouse was or how to even USE one. She didn't know that the mouse controlled the little arrow on the screen. I'm not a master technician, but I can manage to fumble my way through the system. It's Windows XP, so it's just like a home PC. That helps.

Gustav is still making it rain around here. Don't get me wrong, our lawn really needed it. But it sorta sucked driving in all this crap today.