August 27th, 2008


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Come hell or high water, I want to make it to these events next year, and please hope to God I fall into a lovely sum of money for it. To all of you going to Dragon*Con, I will WITHOUT A DOUBT be going next year. It's stupid of me to not go to one of the most awesome cons in the country. I also have to hit up Costume Con, the Crystal Ball, LeakyCon, Azkatraz, ComiCon, as well as my hometown con WizardWorld, which I missed this year.

I've been in a sewing mood, I just am so indecisive when it comes to what I want to sew. I've bought fabric in the last few days, with intentions of making stuff, but I've been lax as to actually getting to it, which pissed me off. I shouldn't have bought it if I wasn't going to use it. Wasting money is become a real pet peeve of mine. Like, a deeply annoying pet peeve of mine. I'm planing to put away far more into savings each month, not to mention using almost my entire paycheck into hospital bills for the next 4-5 months. I've got ideas to sell most of my anime crap and my star wars crap that's been siting in boxes in my basement for years. I'm sure there's a grand worth of shit just siting about gathering dust in here. I've also got it in my head to try and make purses and pirate shirts to sell, just to bring in extra cash. I've also been tossing about the idea of found art jewelery making, thanks to my steampunk obsession lately.

I have all these ideas, but I lack the motivation and it's driving me nuts. I need someone always behind my back, pushing me to do something, anything. Which is ironic, considering I hate it when people tell me what to do, as if I'm a moron and don't realize I should be doing it. It's a strange cycle that I need to break.

First day off in about a week tomorrow. I better sew something, damnit.
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