August 18th, 2008


Post of Nothingness

Fandom is being a wank, makes me wonder why I'm still in it.

Lack of sleep is killing me slowly. Work is crazy busy, dad is 'ok'.

I feel like I'm trying to make Horcruxes without the added bonus of having to kill someone and have no actual part of my soul taken out in the process. So it's not like a horcrux at all, but as I recieved a button today on my Flair application on facebook, I can turn anything into a Harry Potter reference. I hate being split between so many different friends groups, that's what I'm trying to say. It gets fucking tiring after a while. I haven't seen my best friend Jenni in over 2 months now. It sucks.

Drained on life right now, I so need a phoenix down or hi-potion plzkthnx.

Adobe Premiere Pro = WTFery

And I'm getting a FUCKING COLD. Thank you so much, cedward_c. Siriusly ... no ... Cedricly.

I bought fabric. Somebody shoot me.