August 14th, 2008


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Wow, how dense am I? I forgot to post a link to my Terminus pics. They're up at my facebook here. I didn't get pictures of everyone I wanted to, being so utterly drained as I was from working and commuting.

I'm looking for as many galleries of terminus photos as I can find for a little project I'm working on. So, if you've posted pictures, leave me a link here. I've also found a Terminus pool on flickr here which seems to have updated with a lot more pictures. Still, I need as many as you can toss at me!

Oh yeah, and WTF WB! Thanks for taking away my golden birthday present. Moving HBP's opening to July 17th is so not cool. How will I ever survive another 7 months? At least Azkatraz is on the ball, already setting up midnight movie release thingies. Apparently they've already rented out an entire theater or something. Wow.

Today, work has decided my next new costume. In shipment today, we received a new dollar bin item. Bamboo place mats for a dollar. Well, I bought 6 of them to use in a Japanese Quidditch outfit. Yep, I'm gonna do it. Gotta find a better wig, and what better use of all that brocade than an entirely flashy Quidditch robe? It'll be sweet, I can tell.

cedward_c and I have a paired costume as well, which shall stay hush-hush for now.
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