August 12th, 2008


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I hate saying it's over, because it never really is. There's just a lull in my life when I don't have the people I truly love more than life itself by my side. I've never felt this way about any of the people I've ever met at those other cons. Never. Not a single one. I believe I mentioned it in my Portus report how I would be a wreck after Terminus finished. Well, I am. Tears were shed on Monday morning. Many uncontrollable ones that I tried my best to hide, which I don't think really worked.

Despite my limited engagement at this con, I still enjoyed myself. I was one of those friends that was split between 3 or 4 parties of friends that didn't get along all that well together. By the end of Terminus, I realized who really cared and who didn't. It's character building stuff, as they say.

I didn't go to any panels, I didn't go to the wedding, I didn't see quidditch. I did go to the welcoming feast and bye-bye breakfast, the Bon Voyage Ball and a costuming meet up at Berghoff's. I spent most of my time as a fly on the wall to many a group of friends, not really talking and mostly observing everything. People watching is rather fun. This symposium was so much bigger than Portus, it lacked something because of it. Not to mention about half of the population at this symposium was made up of crazy teenagers, who happened to be following my buddy Eric around. Now I have no problem with fangirls ... IF they behave themselves. Most of them did. A few did not.

Gay Pride Dumbledore was a big hit, unexpectedly so. Big Bad Wolf Remus was also a surprising hit, but I blame that on my sexy as hell wife-to-be stupid_drawings as Little Red Riding Hood Tonks. Seriously, I'm marrying this woman at Azkatraz. No joke. None at all. I love her in a most platonic lady crush sort of way. I'm the Mulder to her Scully ... before they slept together ;) Her spirit and energy and smile and laugh just made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Someone asked me how long I'd known her, and I explained that we met at Portus about a month ago, the person was surprised and said that we meshed well together. She was the reason for going all out in Steampunk style Remus. She was also the genius behind my make up that night, so kudos to her for that. It was simple and stunning and confused a great many people as to who I was behind it all.

So, before I go to finish up my well over due laundry, I want to send my shout outs to all of the fabulous people that came to Chicago whom I miss so fucking much right now it hurts: stupid_drawings, alabastard, alabastardragon, slappytanker, serade_black, tatiana422, childofpisces, squeezystan, toshimasa, rvnclawgirl, and Kitty (whom I don't have your LJ info!)

And to all the people I met anew, including Ellie Zambini, Cedward's Umbridge, all of the people at the costume meet up, and the nice mother from London who's daughter serenaded the lobby with her piano playing.

Now, time to gear up and prepare to see all of you again at the Crystal Ball in Ohio, because I seriously can't go a whole year without seeing you people again. It's just too long until Azkatraz and LeakyCon. Time to begin the costume brainstorming :)