August 4th, 2008



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Good news. I don't have to take my mom to work on Wed, so I can sleep in for a little bit longer before picking up The Boys. I do still have to go to work, but I shall inform them that there's a chance I might be late. O'Hare is never a place to be taken lightly. Now I grew up going to that airport, so it's no big deal to me. But if you've never been there, it can be quite intimidating. I also don't have to take her to work on Friday, which gives me the freedom to be gone Friday through Monday. I still have to take her to work and pick her up on Thursday, but I'm hoping I can make it into the city in time to get ready for the welcoming feast, which I'm pretty sure I can't get into without a badge ... but, there might be ways around it. I can bring my PR badge :P Or, as Eric suggested, borrow someone's badge for a few hours, give it to Pauly and have him make copies.

Good news, alabastardragon, the weather while you're here is going to be in the mid 70's. We've been havng a heatwave lately, so it'll be a gorgeous relief to see 70's instead of 90's. They're forcasting 75 as a high for Saturday.