June 27th, 2008


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A week and counting. Yes, I'm starting the week now, because I know I'm going to be so excited I can't stand it come next Friday, even though we aren't leaving until Sunday. Ho shit, I'm getting excited like you'd never believe!!!! Gotta use extra exclamation points there, and throughout this post to exhibit how stoked I am about this. I just hope, God willing, that nothing goes wrong. My car is almost brand new, I'm going to take it for an oil change today and possibly get my tires checked. I'm also going to go pick up that GPS system, because I've always wanted one and what better time to get it than for a road trip?

I broke my overcast foot yesterday while finishing the edge of my Cissa skirt. The ankle screw came loose and hit the little metal prong on the foot. Broke the needle and the foot, so I had an emergency run out to DuPage Sew & Vac to get a replacement. $15 for a tiny piece of metal, yeesh!

While out there, Lisa C. called to see if I wanted to go to the zoo with her and her sister. I said I didn't feel like dealing with traffic to get to Lincoln Park and that I haven't been to Brookfield since I was a toddler. She also agreed that traffic and parking would be a bitch and decided Brookfield would be the better choice. So we headed out there, only to find that the zoo closed in 2 hours. Oh that was so not worth it, so ... change of plans! Instead, we went to - get this - Kiddieland. 3 grown adults, no children, going to Kiddieland. Lisa was like the baby, I was the concerned mother that held the prizes when they went on the tilt-a-whirl. Seriously, that place is like one step up from being a traveling carnival, ghetto-fabulous. Had a blast, loved Lisa's new car, came home glad to be out of the house and away from the mom. Pictures should be appearing on Facebook sometime today.

Plans today are to finish sewing with the new foot and hope to Merlin I don't bust this new one. Gotta call work to see if they put me on the schedule this weekend for any amazing reason (I doubt it). Then, there's all my provisions I need to get, even though I probably don't need half of what I'm planning on bringing. Sunday, at Pride, I'm going to stop at one of my favorite shops in Boys Town called Beatnix. I need a fabulous set of fake lashes for Cissa. My old Kozi ones aren't nearly enough :)

I've already started packing. How lame am I? I need a suitcase just for costumes, and a duffle bag for regular clothes. And I am still so very indecisive on what costumes to bring. I might as well just bring ... everything.