June 20th, 2008


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I had a feeling this was going to happen. The good free internets is still here at the hotel, it's just not as super awesome as it was in Feb. Now you need a password to DL anything, so no more Yahoo messenger for me. Oh well, it's not like there are too many people on there I need to talk to.

Trip up to Pittsburgh was FAST. Dad did almost all the driving, I slept and played Katamari on my PSP. Weather was clear all the way here, beautiful and sunny. So much better than the threats for snow and sleet 5 months ago.

I just got here and already I'm looking forward to getting home and preparing for Portus. I'm so fucking excited. I even thought about making one of those bean bag toss games with the 4 houses to bring with just for fun. I talked to my boss and everything is kosher for me to be gone for a little over a week. Training on the new registers doesn't start until after I get back. Oh, and one of the best parts? Janet, the super awesome burned out hippy manager is leaving on the 17th for Mexico and she'll be gone for 2 weeks. She's got a pool and a big screen TV. We've already informed her that we'll be having a pool party and she's all for it. LOL. Oh how she trusts us ... Robyn and I have already decided that it's going to be an Aldi's wine party. No top shelf wine for us, just some cheap stuff. It's gonna be hella tight. So I've got that to look forward to when I return from my road trip. Robyn is actually dog sitting her puppies, so there's a valid reason for us to be there. Sorta.

I found a nifty pair of posh shoes for Cissa. Taller, skinnier heel than I normally would get, but they were a thrift store find and only $3, when I'm sure these shoes were once about $50. They've got pretty beading along the edge closest to the foot that is somewhat blue-ish grey, so it fits the rest of the outfit rather well. They're in near perfect shape and the heel height is so perfect I barely need to hem my skirt.

There's a wedding party going on in the ballroom just down the hall from the computers. I'm so tempted to head in there and crash it. I need to unwind a bit. I'm sure they've got a bar in there ...
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