June 19th, 2008


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Alright my fine fellows, this'll be my last post until I get back from Pittsburgh. We're leaving Friday morning at around 9 am and won't be back until night on the 27th.

'Cissa is about a dozen stitches from being finished. Completely re-designed the bustle and it looks so much better than what I originally had planned for it. All that's left is to attach it with some hook & eyes, finish up the train part of the bustle (still debating on the fur, might drag it down a lot), hem the thing and add s'more accents. This thing has gobs of trim on it, I'm wondering if it's even a good idea to add more, lol. And each trim isn't used elsewhere.

I know. After work, I'll show you what trims I have to work with, and you all can tell me what you think would look best! Yay, input!

Off to work!
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