June 16th, 2008


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I am on a roll, I swear. Finished Cissa's bodice this morning. Took me three hours to cut and put together, surprisingly. I'm debating on whether or not to add some embroidery for a top stitch. Might make it look far gaudier than it already is! Ok, so it's not too bad. I do say that I love the beaded trim along the bottom of it. My boobs aren't as pronounced in the actual satin version, but I'd rather like to be able to breathe, so it's not quite as fitted. Although you will know I have teh bewbies. Put it on with the quarter jacket, dear Merlin this hotel better be well air conditioned!

If you all are lucky, I might even put on what I have and send you some teaser shots ;)

Next, the bane of this whole costume. The skirt! But no worries. I have plenty of time now to work on that. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
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She a lady, oh whoa whoa, she's a lady ...

Well, sort of.

I still look rather manly! I don't exactly have the features that are good for being fem.

I was at Khols today, looking at jewelery and I found a really nice blue set that I was thinking might work well for my 'wedding ring'. They had gorgeous earrings, too. But too dangly and they annoy me.

And I just realized that the brocade in the front doesn't show enough of the silver flowers :/ I might be a total crazy person and go back and pull out that panel and redo it x.o

Edit: instead of being a crazy person, I just added some accents of rhinestones to the ribbon on the brocade, now it looks a little more balanced.

And the main skirt bit is put together! Now alls I have to do is add details, the apron and the bustle and it's done.

I've also been tempted to make a little hat to go along with it ... >D Being a girl sure is FUN.