June 14th, 2008


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Now that I've gotten over that hump of fear I always get of making something new, I'm delighted to inform you all that Narcissa is DONE!


Yeah, right. Not all of it, but I just finished the jacket not more than 10 seconds ago and it's looking spiffy! Next, I'm working on the bodice and I'm hoping to every God out there that I don't have to make a corset to go underneath (though it might look better, I'm still terrified of making corsets!)

Once the bodice is out of the way, then the dreaded skirt/petticoat/apron/bustle shall be last and most troublesome. Now that I've literally got only a week to finish this, it's crunch time already!

Oh yes, why do I have a week you ask? Well, it's good and somewhat sad news. My grandma's house sold a couple days ago. Good thing for my father, he doesn't have to pay out the wazoo for taxes on that beast of a thing for years like he feared in this horrible real estate market. Bad/sad news is we've got to trek back over to Pittsburgh to finish clean up, get an estate sale set up, fix it up for the inspections, et. al. So that means I'll be gone close to 2 weeks, right before Portus x.o.

2 road trips in less than a month, dear Merlin help me ...

Back to the grinding wheel.
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