June 9th, 2008


Pirates arrrrrrrr cool!

Despite tornado sirens, torrential downpours, and snarky hotel parking lot nazi's, this weekend was a BLAST. Port Washington is a great little town, the fest was most fun, and meeting new people like Mouse and Rob was just an outstanding opportunity.

On the ride there, I bet that there would be at least 3 Captain Jack's. I was right. There were 3 GOOD Captain Jacks, and about 6 others that were not so good. No Toby, but there was another mysterious Chicago Jack that seemed strangely anti-social. He looked good, but would disappear when you turn your back. The one Jack I enjoyed the most was AJ, the local Wisconsin Jack. He's also a professional impersonator and a real nice guy. He works really well with the kids.

I, on the other hand, was trying my best not to speak because I was already terrifying all the children there with my pretty fem face and manish beard. I know I've scarred many children for life this weekend. They see the beard but hear the voice and just go O_O. At least no children started crying in my presence, that would've been worse I think.

I met Lady Barbossa, whom I've seen on forums and the lot. She was quite the character, tried to get Jack and I together with an Elizabeth (whom I never saw) and a Calypso. We were never in the same place at the same time, but we did get some nice shots together before the sky decided to rip open and dump everything it had on us.

Well, before I get too involved, I'll give a little report in a more structured environment:

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Overall, the weekend was a blast, though I heard a lot of complaints about various vendor related things. As well as the organizational skills of this crew were rather bleh. Some vendors said they wouldn't return, many because of the weather. This fest has been going on for 3 years and each year it's been rained out in some fashion or another. So you'd think they'd move it up a few weeks, get out of this rainy slump they're having. Maybe they'll learn better next time.

Met some outstanding people, which will be my friends for years to come. Actually managed to eat, sleep, and drink a little without incident. I'll definitely be back next year, and I might even make some of my Jack voodoo dolls to sell. We'll see.

And now for pictures! Lots of 'em! Set One Set Two and Set Three