May 25th, 2008


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In movie news, I managed to catch Caspian and Indy in the last few days. Really enjoyed Caspian, mostly because of Ben Barnes and the fact that the kids can act now. The battle at Aslan's How was pretty sweet. I'm such a sucker for battles now. Big, overly CG'd and ridiculous battles. And it's not like it's hard to do them in films these days.

Indy was good, except for the WTF LUCAS end. It was great, up until then. I got goosebumps hearing the theme song for the first time. Brings back memories, though I was only 5 when Last Crusade came out and didn't actually see an Indy film until I was at least 10.

In costume news, I've begun the tedious task of adding the trim to my Barbossa coat. It took close to 1 hour to do the 2 pocket flaps. And those only required 3 trim loops each. I finished one of the cuffs just a bit ago, could've maybe made the loops longer, but fuck it if I'm going to seam rip those out and do them over. They look good enough. I couldn't find a trim I was really happy with, so I've ended up combining 2 types to make them look like one, which in all actuality I think is what they did. I was so against using gimp braid, so I found something with a little less JoAnn fabric store notoriety instead. I still can't believe that I'm nearly making this whole coat out of JoAnn fabric store finds. It's outstanding! A few years ago I would've not stepped foot into a JoAnn's for my costume making needs.

And because I can't help but be proud that the french knots are actually showing up on the coat fabric, I've posted pictures up on my gallery here as a collage of my efforts so far. I'm taking my time, despite the fact that I've got less than 2 weeks to finish. With school starting and all, I'm just glad I've got a good chunk of it finished.

And then, it's on to 'Cissa x_o.