May 19th, 2008


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If anything's happened in the last 3 days that I should know about, please fill me in? I'm not looking back on all those entries. Lazyness has struck.

Yes, if any of you are reading that time right at the top of my screen, it is 8 am. I've actually been up since 7, because I crashed like never before and went to bed at 7 pm yesterday. And I actually slept 12 freakin' hours. It felt good, though. Not that sort of bad 12 hours were when you wake you still feel tired. I needed it. This weekend was very enjoyable, best ACen since ... oh, I'd go so far as to say our Gekka no Yasoukyoku year. No drama, much drinking. Those are the key elements.

I'd like to send a non-LJ user shot out to Andrew, who was our room holder this year. He was fantastic, such a kind and generous guy. I couldn't have been more pleased this weekend. You really made my weekend enjoyable!

Saw peeps I was glad to see ... didn't see peeps I was hoping to avoid. Met new people, like Andrew, Phil, Pauly, and a shit load of Andrew's buddies that I can't remember at all right now.

I really don't think my weekend was exciting enough to elicit a full on con report like I usually do, so I'll just summarize the interesting parts.

I.R.T. have 6 foot long sticks jammed up their asses, they need to take a nap or two during the weekend. Yelled at us rather than attempted to ask us. Seriously, we're not all utter morons.

Dana's Link was the shit, and many told her so. Not bad considering we finished the sword, shield, and sheath in 6 hours on Friday.

We were on the 4th floor, so we veto'd the elevators all weekend. Good call, considering it looked like it would take folks up to an hour just to get anywhere on them. And yep, one elevator was busted and inoperable. Another kept on screwing up, stopping a foot from the ground and opening up its doors.

There were cute mascot Yoshi's running around, took lots of pics of them jammin' out to Andrew and Phil's dj skillz. The black Yoshi was pretty awesome.

Last count for me was up to 6 ambulance calls on Saturday alone. And that's what I actually witnessed sitting by the giant space turd. Registration lines took between 6 to 9 hours for people to get through and apparently a few hadn't eaten or had no water and passed out. We watched the ruckus as they were trying to clear a space away for, what one would assume was a Godzilla sized person, but instead it was this skinny little girl that looked like she'd seen a ghost, sitting on a stretcher. Those EMT guys looked pretty pissed off. I would, too. They'd probably been called there about a dozen times already.

No fire alarms were pulled, thank god.

Saw Toby, but missed his Sweeney. He looked dead on his feet as Jack. Poor guy.

Jenni stopped by, surprising all of us. We thought she was still in the Philippines but she returned early. Jack came too. It was awesome seeing the two of them.

Spent a grand total of $100 this weekend. That's IT.

Pictures are here and here. More to come when I collect from various other people, including Dana's mom, Keidy, and a few others.