May 13th, 2008


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Hey, disolvinggirl, I just got an e-mail from Ed that started out with "OMG!" Hilarious stuff, man. Hilarious.

Progress, progress, progress! Orihime is about 2 seconds away from being finished. When Keidy gets here, she'll try it all on and I'll take some pictures. Then, onto Aizen. I've got all day Thursday to work on it if I need to. If I don't get to it, I hardly care. I can still be fukutaicho Aizen or Urahara.

Janet, a co-worker of mine at Joann's, brought in a bag she'd made from these quarter flat value packs we sell. They're like, all sorts of wild and crazy patterns in matching colors. But, being Janet, she choses the most BRIGHT and CHEERFUL and RAINBOW-TASIC quarter flat pack to make a bag out of, and it was just TOO cool. I'm not that flashy, so I chose a quarter flat pack in reds, black, and creams. She let me borrow her pattern because it's a Vogue from years ago that's out of print. I've got so many awesome patterns and interesting fabrics, I need to start dwindling my fabric storage by making s'more purses! If I've got time, I'll even make a few golden star back packs to bring with me to ACen to sell them off, make some cool cash.

malfoymenace and I ventured over to the great and wonderful Fantasy HQ on Milwaukee st. to get some costuming bits. I needed fangs, crepe wool, and a wig. She needed a wig and some elf ears. Luckily, there was a girl that worked in the wig department that knew anime enough to really help us find the PERFECT wigs for our characters. I was so excited with the wig she'd found for me that she gave it to me for $50 as a special. I hate to know how much that wig really was, because I think she pulled it out of their high quality synthetics, the wigs that generally go for $100 to $300. The wig is for Barbossa, and it's just PERFECT. This makes me a HAPPY costumer. And I just got my feathers! Like, literally 10 seconds ago.

So that's that. Need to go sew s'more!