May 6th, 2008


F'ed up dream time

This dream involved two of my favorite things of the moment ... Johnny Depp and Scrubs. Collapse )

Welp, thanks to malfoymenace I've created an entirely new costume for ACen. But I think the best part is the accessories. We've chosen to be baby Mario and baby Peach from Mario Kart Wii. Pictures here and here of my Mario. We're actually more like toddlers. Still, it'll be fun. It's comfortable, it was easy to finish in a day. And the back pack doubles as a pillow! That golden star pillow was super easy to make. It's made out of fleece, a very easy fabric if you know what you're doing. I'm going to attempt to make a mushroom purse for my friend Lisa's daughter. And I still want to make a ? box pillow, because my work has THE PERFECT fabric for one of those. It's sheer with lots of dots all over it and wild colors.

I've been getting more and more restless lately. Sleep isn't quite coming to me like it normally would. Probably because I'm thinking of all the things I need to finish, but also because I just got the bill for my summer classes. I'm going to see what I can do about financial aid on my own, though I've never even applied for it before. I don't want to burden my dad with more financial duties. After all, my brother is still causing quite the headache despite the fact that he's actually been working.