May 1st, 2008


Lengthy update, a lot to say this time around ...

It's been too long since I've done a meme. alabastard tagged everyone, so I'm including myself in that 'everyone' statement out of boredom.

Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.

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In other news, I've been very busy juggling work, career advisor appointments, summer school sign up, and sewing. My summer is going to be overflowing. I finally utilized the DePaul career center and talked to a very motivating person.

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So that was quite a moral booster to say the least. Now that I've gotten more information on a true career path that I deem achievable, I'm all for it.

Yesterday I went to open advising at CoD for summer classes. I was told by the DePaul advisor that I could start looking for jobs right then and there, but he's no costumer and isn't a specialist in the field, so I thought that would be rather gypsy of me to up and leave the state for a job that may or may not work out. Instead I've decided to work towards an associates degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I was thinking of a certificate, but I've been told that, since I already have a B.A. that getting a degree is the exact same as a certificate except with Gen Eds, which I already have from DePaul. But once I have that associates, I'll be far more prepared to up and leave for, say, LA ;)

I talked to the fashion design advisor, Sharon, at CoD and explained what I've been doing for the past 9 years and she instantly wrote instructor permission for me to skip all of those intro classes. She even gave me permission to take a milinary class and a bridal couture class this summer. I get to officially learn how to make hats and special occasion dress! How odd is it that I plan on needing both of those skills for 2 current costuming projects ... karma, that's what I say.

On top of that, I made corn fritters for lunch today. I used to eat those all the time at my gran's house when I was little. I'm surprised that they tasted exactly the same. Brought back lovely memories. I made too much, though. I ate about 4 silver dollar sized fritters and I have about 10 left, lol. It's a good thing they keep rather well.

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I'm still deciding on what else to bring to Portus. I'm open to suggestions! Since I'll be driving I'm far more apt to bring stuff I normally wouldn't, like swords and weapons. So far, of the costumes already made, I'm planning on bringing: Snape (with DE robes and mask), boggart Snape, Gryffindor robes, and possibly 1st Task Harry. Another costume idea that can be easily pulled together is PoA pj Harry (when he's wandering the castle looking for Wormtail with the Map)or what I affectionately call Horcrux Hunter Harry (traveling Harry, with Gryffindor Sword, pouch, map, wand, some of the horcruxes, etc. ). I could bring Barbossa for the Masq and have my friend Lisa wear my Cissa pirate wench girl outfit (if it'll fit her). And then my slightly secret costume, which I'm not even sure when I'll wear it ... but if I can get the pieces together I so will.

I'm concentrating for the most part on Acen at the moment to work any more on other things. But now I've decided to add ANOTHER little con to my list of growing cons this summer. Dana and Lisa are making little baby pirate clothes to sell at a Ren Faire like pirate con in Wisconson the first weekend of June. Lucky for me, summer classes start after that. So I'll take the jaunt up there with them, split the hotel costs a bit, and maybe even get Dana to wear my Jack costume while I'm Barbossa. Should be a good time. That way it'll give me an even sooner deadline to finish up Barbossa, so I'll have most of the rest of June to work on Lovitt for Wizard World and the rest of Portus stuffs. And then it'll be just a week after Wizard World until Portus. Exciting!!

Ok, I think I've said enough o_O
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