April 8th, 2008


(no subject)

Costume update. Wewt.

80% done with pirate 'Cissa, came together rather well but there's still bits and bobs I can still add to make it 'Cissa-tastic. Pictures might show up tomorrow as I finish more.

That is all. Everything else hasn't changed, figures. But I'll have 1 outfit finished and in the bag by tomorrow afternoon if I'm good. :)

Tomorrows project - Aizen. That should take all day and then ACen will be done aaaaand done. That then gives me 4 months to work on young DD and possibly a Japanese Quidditch uniform, 3 months to work on Cissa and possibly another DD outfit, and 2 months to work on Barbossa and Lovitt for WizardWorld. WEE!

Sewing is my anti-drug, werd.