April 7th, 2008


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As if I didn't already have enough to do, I've added another costume to my list. But this time it'll be made out of ONLY fabric I currently have. I realized that I also signed up to attend the Portus Mystery Masquerade Ball. Now, I can't just show up in a Muggle dress to that! I've got to make something. And I think I've figured something out. And, guess what? It's also a GIRL costume. SHOCK. I know. 4 of them now, strange huh.

I've decided, thanks to all of my Puzzle Pirates playing I've been doing lately, to make a Narcissa pirate outfit. Green, black, browns/golds, lace, feathers, hat, sword. This'll also be an original design, my 4th original design ever. It'll be easy, fast, and creative. I'll also have it to wear to Ren Faire when it opens up this summer, so that'll be a plus too.

Now, if I actually manage to FINISH this all ... that'll be a true miracle.

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