February 23rd, 2008


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Ok, silly Bleach fangirl moment over ... I've got a somewhat real post ...

Firstly, damn you LoJ for being a cock tease for nearly the ENTIRE month of February. Siriusly, just sell the damn tickets already. I'm already in the doghouse enough as it is with money, I just need to bleed every last drop out of me as I can possibly manage. And that's the last thing I need to buy!

I had a dream last night/early this morning. Jenni and I were arrested for ... what, I have no idea. But she had her white corvette t-top back and I felt like we were in some serious shit over something. Keidy was there too, getting her ass beaten up by another cop, interrogating her over something we did. It was almost amusing because she was totally fighting back and getting this cop good. Then, the cop that originally handcuffed Jenni and I didn't seem to want to arrest us, so she purposly left my cuffs a little loose. It allowed me to break free of them and run across the street while this other cop was 'distracted' by Keidy kicking the other cops ass. Jen came with me until she realized we needed the car to really get out.

The dream took us through a grungy bar, a bunch of dark backyards and some fucked up fields to try and escape these cops. Then, of all people to help us, Aizen (yes, EVIL!Aizen) gave us a hiding spot and told us Jenni's corvette was safe, and handed her the keys. He smiled and I felt safe. And then I woke up. FTW.

That's the last time I ... oh wait, that's right I didn't eat anything before bed last night ... that was just a geniune fucked up dream.

Costuming news: Barbossa shirt is still too huge, the collar looks ridiculous. The vest needs different buttons because what I got looks like shit. Made the leather hand wrap bit, that's about the only thing that's complete on it. Oh, and Mab? Yeah, need to get started on that beaded corset of EPIC DOOM soon. But first, I want to make all the cute little sewing accessories I found in the new Butterick patterns. Scrap catchers, an organizer that lays over your chair, even a slotted organizer that uses your machine as a paperweight! As well as so many other cute things that I just have to make before heading into serious sewing business ... it'll give me a chance to use some of that "Why the hell did I buy that?" fabric ...

To celebrate this post, I give you a REAL work of my own art in icon form. This icon is 100% made by me. Pictures taken by me (though you won't be able to tell what they are), even the sewing machine was made by me. It's a true piece of my Graphic Design knowledge. Be amazed. Be very amazed.
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