February 16th, 2008


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So, to combat my mild depression of possibly not making it to the Magical Tours trips this summer, at work I decided to buy more fabric I don't really think I'll ever use :P Well, who knows. I might find some use for it.

The strangest thing was, Jenni and I went to the Textile Discount Warehouse the other day. Now, this is a WAREHOUSE. A huge one. 3 floors. Filled with fabric. We walked around it for a good hour and I *still* couldn't find the fabric I needed. Though I'm sure it's there, there's just so much shit put into huge piles, if I did find what I wanted chances are it was hidden at the bottom of a pile or in a corner I can't reach. But that's the fun of going there, you find stuff you never dreamed possible.

A good find, though, was something very similar to the faux leather Jenni and I got for our VHD costumes. We got it from a little out of the way Chinese fabric store that went out of business shortly after we visited. So I thought the fabric was gone for good. Well, I found a similar one there and bought all they had (2 yards or so) to use to make bauldrics and piping and other various leather accents. So that was a niffty find.

But, what did I find upon going to work last night? Something that I'd spent all day at the warehouse trying to find. Pale purpleish/grey pasely. WTF.

I've spent nearly $250 in fabric this month. I need to ... stop -_-

There's always next year!

Dear Julie,

We have received and evaluated all the video presentations from our thirty semi-finalists
for the Magical Tours 2008 Internship. Though the video is a major factor in the selection
process, the original application statement and the personality survey are considered as well.

Regrettably you were not advanced as a finalist in this competition. Your qualities and
capabilities were excellent, as indicated by your being chosen as a semi-finalist. The truth is
that making these final cuts is an unbearably difficult job – one we wish we could avoid. And,
of course, the challenge goes on, as only one of the finalists will ultimately emerge as the 2008
Summer Intern.

Here at Magical Tours we feel that we have actually come to know each of you that advanced
this far in the competition. You have gained enormous respect and admiration in our eyes.
If it were possible to use our magic wands we would happily take every one of you wonderful
Harry Potter fans with us on a jolly adventure exploring Harry Potter's world.

We do understand how disappointing it is to receive this message, but we sincerely hope to hear
from you in the future. We plan to run this competition with MuggleNet in 2009, and we invite you
to use the experience you've gained to apply again next year.

Very Best Regards,

Larry Ivy

Thank you to everyone who gave me pats on the back and good luck and prayers. It seems that now just wasn't my time. But, like it says, there's always next year. I've learned from my mistakes and I'll be trying again next year.

Well, this is still good news. That means I'm still coming to Portus!!!! :D