February 5th, 2008


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Well, it's a shame that I found the free interweb access on the last day of my impromptu road trip to Pittsburgh, PA. Just to fill you all in, it's been a fucking mad few days.

My dad got a phone call on Saturday morning that his mother was transfered from the nursing home she was just put into on Christmas eve to the hospital. She was having trouble breathing and wasn't responding well to anything. When they finally got her to the hospital she was found to be nearly on her death bed. After a few more tests were run, the doctors found out that her breast cancer had returned and spread just about everywhere on her body. Kidneys, liver, even her brain. She's on the way out and my dad decided he had to come see her. Of course, being in the fragile state that he's in, it's impossible for him to go anywhere on his own. So my mother and I have come along with him.

But there's more to just the fact that she's deathly ill. A few days beforehand, she was visited by her lawyer. Now my gran has been incapable of making any decisions on her own for weeks now. To have a lawyer visit and make her sign something, particularly something pertaining to her will, is just out of the question. But, the fact of the matter is that she did. She probably doesn't even know what she signed. Of course, my mom being the ever pessimistic bint that she is assumed dad, her ONLY son, was written out of her will. Now that can't be the case because of one very important fact. Something this lawyer should've, and possibly did know about. My dad is her power of attorney so he has the final say in everything she does.

Needless to say my dad has a lot of stuff to work on and one of which was to fire that heartless wretch of a lawyer. Taking advantage of a decrepit old woman is not the right thing. We still don't know what it was about, what happened to the will or even who ordered such a thing without my dad's knowing about it. On top of that, her sister in law was present when this lawyer came in. The lawyer had the balls to say that it was OUR FAMILY that was the strange one and that she was an ethical person. Obviously that isn't the case at all.

It's been 10 years since I've seen my gran and she's a completely changed woman. She was always this scary, powerful Hungarian woman that I was sort of afraid to be by. But I knew she loved me. She was the one that gave me my entire DePaul tuition purely out of the goodness of her heart. And my mom surprised me today by saying that in her will, if she didn't change it on us, that in the case that my father dies (heaven forbid) all the inheritance goes to myself. And my brother -_- Not even to my mother. Of course, gran never liked her. She was a harsh woman, surprising even my dad when she gave me my full tuition for school. We visited her house, because my dad needed to find some paperwork. Good Lord that place hasn't changed a bit. Not one bit. Although everything does seem a lot smaller :) Probably because I was 15 the last time I was there. It smelled the same, even. I found pictures from 1990 of our family trip to Bermuda. Oh the God awful clothes my mother dressed me in -___- and that straight bang hair cut. Yikes.

It's sad to see her wasting away. Her face lit up when she saw my dad and that was certainly a happy thought. She looked a lot better after a procedure they did yesterday to drain the fluid around her heart so she could sleep better. But she's so frail and has only a few more weeks left in her. My poor dad is beside himself. He's worried about himself, and now he has to worry about her, about her house, her bills, her investments, the inheritance. It's just not fair. And there's only so much I can do.

We're heading back tomorrow, probably in the midst of one of the worst precipitation belts all bloody week. But I just want to come home. I miss my bed, I miss my computer, I miss work (surprisingly). My mother's been rather calm except for her freak out moments were I just want to slap her and tell her to calm the fuck down. The trip up wasn't bad, but I can tell she's really starting to get on my nerves. It's time we came home and I disappeared onto my computer again, or in my sewing room.

Speaking of sewing, I said as we were getting off the highway that I hoped there was a JoAnn's around here. Sure enough, 1 light down from our hotel (which resides on top of a hill, just like everything else in this crazy state) is a super JoAnn's. Dana needed more buttons for her Sweeney Todd costume and we couldn't order them at my work because the vendor wasn't making them any more. Sure enough, they had them here and in a bountiful quantity. So that was worth the trip alone ;) I also spent $85 on other random bits, just to give myself a little something for this boring, emotional roller coaster of a trip. We have my dad's 4th chemo on Friday and I'm just wearing so thin. Imagine how my dad's feeling.

Well, this got long and boring. I guess the short of it is ... I'm very ready to come home.
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