February 1st, 2008


(no subject)

My mother is driving me up the wall. I can't be strong for both of us any more. It's frustrating, so the only thing I can do to contend that is sew. It locks me up in my room and keeps me away from her.

I'm just about finished with my Barbossa shirt, and sure enough I made it WAY too big. One of these days I'll remember that I'm not a 6'2" 250 male and stop making the largest size in a male pattern. One of these days. My sleeves were big enough for me to hold an entire ham inside them. Maybe two. It was rather atrocious.

Next thing to figure out is the vest. I saw someone posted a vest on eBay that had this strange shape. Like there was a rectangle cut out of the middle of the front. Sure enough, after pouring over my pictures a bit more, I realized that it was accurate. Good thing I didn't start to make it just yet.

Still not working on the coat. I've still got lining to find for it. A lady at work a few days ago brought up some stuff to the cutting counter that was DAMN perfect. She took all of it except for about 2 yards :/ It's enough for the parts of the lining I want to show (namely on the cuffs and collar, maybe even the triangular foldie bits in the back. Yeah I don't know the real term for them, so sue me) but not nearly enough for the rest of it. So I must hunt for something suitable to finish the rest of it. I was thinking maybe just a plain tan linen or maybe just some regular black lining that I have gobs of already. I'll have to see.

I need another job. I need money to go back to school to distract me from this home life. I need to get out. But I need money to get out. Fuck, why is money so fucking important?