January 29th, 2008


ho hum, update

Just a few things today, not much to say.

Dad's cancer is getting smaller, so there's that good news. He still feels sick, but they've sped up his doses so we don't have to spend so much time at the hospital. That's good news too.

Got my Barbossa fabric. It's pretty *_*. I'm scared to death to start using it, so the coat will be the last thing I do. Started on the shirt and began working out the leather hand thing. Still need to order the hat and necklace, but that'll have to be at a time when I have money. Ugh, it really sucks when you have such an expensive hobby and you're flat broke.

I've been selected for the 2nd round of the HP Magical Tours internship. They had so many good applicants that they added a second part, a 'personality survey'. I'll know in a few days if I'm selected for the semi-finals. But I'm certainly not holding my breath. The last part, the YouTube video, terrifies me. I was thinking I'd just dress in Dumbledore and dance a silly old man dance to "It's Naked Time!" for 3 minutes. How's that sound for an interview video? Yeah, didn't think so. Maybe malfoymenace will join me dressed as Sirius to do Sexy Back :D

Hey serade_black and tatiana422, you two still planning on going to Pyrate Con? Because if I get Barbossa finished, I'd love to debut him there :) And bring Jack, of course. Let me know if you still plan on going!
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