January 7th, 2008


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Yesssssss! I finally got a PS1 memory card so I can start to play FF7!

Although ... I think I sorta got jipped. Found the card at a used CD/DVD resell store. It's less than 1 mb, or at least I think it is. There's no size on it (I think it was a starter card that probably came with the original PS1?) and it cost me $12 ... o_o

But it's the only PS1 mem card I've seen that isn't online. I might return it and be like "Dude, you ripped me off. $12 for a 1mb card? Nu uh ..."

The girl that rang me out was Asian and looked like Yaya the cosplayer. I wanted to punch her in the face.

But I did get Driving Lessons (that Rupert Grint/Julie Walters film) for $5! :D

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More news to post, and it is excellent news. It completely overshadows the fact that my car busted an oil line and started spewing white smoke out from under the hood while a good 100 feet from work today. Had to get Jenni to come pick me up, which turned into a lovely dinner at Taco Hell ... but fuck, I was HUNGRY and on my way to get food before my car decided to crap out on me.

Dad went to see the cardiologist this afternoon. They did some tests and whatnot and found that there was no more insane amounts of fluid gathering in the lining around his heart. It's not 100% conclusive, but it's a very good sign that his cancer is going away. We won't know for sure until this Friday when he gets a CAT scan. But it is VERY good news indeed. Mom says they came home from the appointment and my dad started crying. He kept saying, "See? I told you I would get better. I am getting better! It's really working!"

Thank you to every single person who's kept my father in their prayers. Looks like I won't be losing him as soon as I thought :)

And it looks like just about everyone's received my Holiday cards, and they were well received indeed!
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