December 30th, 2007


I just thought of something ...

It happened while I was in line at Borders, clutching the newest edition to my visual companion film books, Sweeney Todd.

I've got wonderful, heavy tomes for a lot of terrific films. Most notable, and ones that I just unburied from my bottomless stash of crap in my room, are Jurassic Park and Sleepy Hollow. I've also got the Firefly and Serenity companions, as well as 3 PotC ones, including the ever spectacular and gorgeous Art of PotC. They're my pride and joy, really. I've got it in my head to get the SG-1 book next. I keep picking it up and thinking I should really get it. But then something else pops out at me and I put it down.

Now, not only are these books great companions for their masterpiece films, but they give the most precious gift a person like myself could want. Costume studies, sketches, and interviews with the magical people that will one day (I hope) become my profession.

The epiphany that struck me while waiting in line was this ... why has the tyrannical WB not come out with something similar for any of the Harry Potter films? They're all visually stunning, and there's no doubt the costumes are as unique and original as any other fantasy film out there. It's not like they don't have enough material to fill a few books worth of images, stories and interviews. And don't give me the "they're kids films, there isn't a market for them." That's bullshit. PotC is no doubt on a similar level as far as having fans ranging from nine to 109.

*sigh* alas, I only blabber on about it because I know it will never happen and know I'll never be able to get the cogs rolling on something like that. But maybe, just maybe someone will come upon this and realize what a fantastic thing it would be to have such a book, and know that whomever makes it will surely get my money for it.

Just a thought ...
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