December 11th, 2007


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So ... I may be stupid or something but ...

I got OotP on DVD, like every other HP fan today. Dana and I watched it but could not for the LIFE of us find were the HBP sneak peek is. We watched all the special features, there was hardly a hint of HBP at all.

I'm asking my fellow HP'ers ... where is it?

(yes, I know it's on YouTube but I want to see it in nice non-low-quality)

Edit: I found it. Way to go WB, making PDF instructions in EVERY LANGUAGE KNOWN TO MAN on how to find the sneak peak. And thanks to Facebook for providing the link to it. Jesus, you'd think they didn't want you to find it ... like a treasure hunt or something. Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Everyone remember how hard it was to get to the deleted scenes in SS? Oh yeah, I sure do ...

Other news: My father's first chemo was yesterday and it went really well. Aside from the insane wait, which my mother warned me about, it went off without a hitch.