October 3rd, 2007


Job Update

Update on new job, while I still have some energy left in me :)

It's going well, I think. I hope Glenese and Dana aren't too pissed off with my lack of knowledge. I'm covered in baby powder and I get the feeling I'll have to learn to love it. Wig detail is tedious and rather frustrating at the moment. I hope I can figure out the look before we open on Friday. The late starts and late nights haven't been bad. It's nice not having to wake up at 9, or get phone calls asking about lab things. I'm afraid I will cry when I have to go back to Wolf. This job is nice, the people are fantastic. The work itself is not easy, especially when you have a very, very make-up inept Fisherman character. I wasn't expecting it to be. It's my first time working with 'actors' and it's quite an experience. The Dock characters are a blast.

It's a shame we can't take pictures (for legal reasons) behind the scenes, but I hope to get some pictures of the house and the set ups along the docks. There's no way I can get by without doing *some* photography.
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