October 1st, 2007


2 more Bleach musicals, ho shit!


Yes, you all heard me right. 2 of them, not just one. The first one is a conglomerate of all previous musicals, so everyone from Saien, DotBM and NCitBH (except Chad, Urahara and Orihime :( ) will be back. Then they're doing a 2nd Bankai show. And their run is for just about a week for both shows. Got the dates, looked up flight prices, found a hotel within walking distance from the theater. This is so do-able. The Shinjuku Prince hotel has rates of $150/night for a double bed room during the week of March 24th-31st. If 3 of us go, the hotel would be around $500/person for 10 days. Plane tickets are just over $1,000 round trip from United right now.

It's only a matter of getting someone to get us the tickets for the show. They go on sale November 25th. That's the main deciding point right now. Anyone want to get me a super awesome birthday present? *bats lashes*

With the money I'll be making at this Navy Pier job, there's no WAY I can pass up this opportunity.

Good God, it's only 8 am?
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